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When I grew up, my father had art books all over the place, as he had an art degree. I read these college art books from cover to cover, and fell in love with art as a child.  Over the years, I discovered the camera, and hated it for a year, then re-fell in love with and the rest is history.  

There is only ONE chance to get your day right, and photography is the only thing that will stand the test of time.  The food will go away, all the people will leave, and the preacher will pack up his holy book and head to the door, but your photography will last beyond your lifetime and become a defining vision for your future generations.  I love helping people celebrate time with their families.  I am truly excited on every wedding I do.  This is a time when families will bond and two extremely lucky people will get the chance to celebrate their great fortune to actually have met the person that truly loves them.  Love is not an everyday occurrence, and the mere fact that you have it is nothing short of a true miracle. 

I capture your entire day from getting ready to the reception.  Ask any bride from the past, I get it all and then some.  When you look through your photographs, it will look like a movie, lol.  Only experience has taught me how to accomplish that.  I also help make your day.  Beautiful photographs don't happen on their own, and you can ride along comfortably, while I take care of your photography.  One less BIG thing to worry about on your special day!



Columbus and Atlanta Georgia Wedding and Engagement Photographer